“No-one is born a great cook. One learns by doing.” – Julia Child

I learnt by doing. I certainly can’t pretend to be a great chef but I’ve always enjoyed cooking! I taught myself to cook whilst living  in Asia for many years in my twenties, enjoying shopping in the fabulous food markets sampling multi-cultural foods, fresh produce and exciting flavours. I wanted to experiment  with the wonderful variety of fresh ingredients and cook my meals from scratch, discovering that you can create great flavour by using a few simple fresh ingredients.

Now, so many years later, I live in Sussex and I’m lucky enough to grow a few vegetables. Growing something from seed to table is such an exciting experience. Digging the first potatoes of the season and pulling your own (often misshapen carrots) feels like such an achievement.  I really believe that when you start cooking you start to value the food you eat. You’re likely to waste less, to eat more sensibly and be more satisfied with what you eat. And of course you’ll know exactly what’s gone into your food.

My plan, and a reason for starting this blog a few months ago, has been to share some recipes and inspire my sons, who have now left home, to cook one nutritious meal a day. Supper makes sense. And I hope to encourage them to enjoy cooking. So far, so good!

Most of the recipes are for 2 people so it’s easy to halve the ingredients if you’re eating alone, or double up for a supper party. All the recipes have been eaten by the family, many times, so have been tried and tested. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know.

I hope that the simple and quick recipes that follow will inspire you to take a little time in the evening to make a nutritious supper, and also encourage you to explore the markets around you when you have time.

So let’s start cooking!