Breakfast on the beach.

It has been one of those days to get up early, go down to the beach, breakfast, and get on with a few maintenance jobs on the beach hut.

Breakfast at the beach

We love our little beach hut on the South Coast . It is always wonderful to be by the sea, whatever the weather. A cup of tea in the hut in the winter watching the weather come in, or basking in the sun watching the housemartins and swallows heading back South after the summer – it’s always different and always special.

Today we decided breakfast had to be on the beach so a quick pack up of the little car with a nice picnic and off we go.


Lily no longer wants to walk on the pebble beach, being an arthritic Labrador, but is always happy to see what the picnic offers. I’ve packed some eggs and tomatoes, spring onions and tortilla wraps. (And a few tasty treats for Lily.) I scramble the eggs on the little stove in the hut with chopped tomatoes and spring onions and roll up in the wraps. A few fresh plums from the garden, a little yoghurt and fresh coffee.  Food always seems to taste amazing by the sea, no matter how little effort has gone into it!

Picnic breakfast on the beach

It’s easy to forget why we’re here! A quick read of the Sunday papers and to work. A wipe down of the paint work in readiness for a late summer paint job to prepare for the winter.

Lily likes to keep a keen eye on the food!

Lily and christopher beach hut

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