I’m always a bit wary when I claim to make an authentic dish as it will always have my spin on it! This is a really fresh salad which is great on it’s own on a Meat Free Monday with a little hummus and bread, or otherwise with some grilled fish or chicken if you like.


I’ve got some Sumac which I bought when we visited the amazing souk in Muttrah in Oman not long ago and stocked up on some Middle Eastern spices. But it’s not essential for this so don’t worry if you can’t find it. (I think you can buy it from Ottolenghi online, or use Zaatar available from large supermarkets, if you like.) Sumac are deep red berries, dried and ground into a course powder and have a lovely tangy lemony flavour. But, as I say it is not essential.

You’ll need for 2 people –


Either finely slice the following ingredients or put the medium slicer attachment on your blender and slice  the tomatoes, cucumber, little gem, radishes, spring onions, red pepper. Add to a bowl.

Sliced fatoush

Add the chopped mint and parsley, salt and pepper, Sumac (if using), lime juice and olive oil and mix together. Tear a small tortilla wrap in half and put each piece into a toaster. When toasted tear into pieces and add to salad. Mix together. Serve with hummus and flatbread or some grilled chicken or fish. Delicious!


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