A trip to Singapore

So exciting to be in Singapore. Fabulous food everywhere. I love the variety of Asian food, and it’s available everywhere all of the time.  Delicious little dimsum for breakfast, chicken rice, laksa, nasi goreng – all favourites of mine.  And of course wonderful food from all around the world. But while we’re here I think we’ll stick with some local dishes, visit some of the bustling hawker centres and get some ideas to cook up something when I get home. But first, a look at the crazy new cityscape. 01bf85f8c7bfe816f0311b0493195ff13e27ba17d5_00001 Continue reading

Welcome to my diary!

March ’15

Saturday. What a lovely way to start a new blog. Today, before I’m even ready, a lovely lady in Louisiana has liked one of my recipes! That has made me so happy. So, especially for her, Stephysweetbakes, I’m going to bake some easy quick and really delicious cheese scones. So tasty!Cheese scones