My favourite things in May.

May has been a great month of new discoveries. From a favourite new hot chocolate shop to the wonders at the Chelsea Flower Show. Best of all is dusting Bella off and taking her out for a drive! And the vegetables are growing in the garden and we’ve had two Bank Holidays!


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A splendid day out!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Chelsea Flower Show, so much to enjoy, so great to see people who are passionate about what they produce.

I take the opportunity whilst in London to book theatre tickets to see the truly wonderful production of The Audience.


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Bella visits Rye

I only need the merest hint of a reason to suggest driving Bella our Fiat down to Rye and today was such a day, good weather! Fine and sunny, the prospect of a hot chocolate for breakfast at the truly fabulous Knoops, lunch at The George in Rye and a walk on Camber Sands. What could be better! We pack our quite giant Labrador, Lily, into the back and off we go. Fiat 500 Continue reading