Gourmet Goat gets my vote

A visit to Borough Market today, something I’ve been looking forward to. I love meeting people who are passionate about the food they produce.

It’s just about 12 noon and the market is bustling with people, wonderful smells coming from the street market food – so much deliciousness to chose from! Some City workers are starting to drift in for an early quick lunch, and tourists take pictures of the gorgeous food stalls.

Gourmet goat

But I must not be distracted. I’ve come along to see what Gourmet Goat is about. I’ve been reading about the other side of the goats cheese market and billy goat meat is starting to be noticed as a healthy red meat. I’m not a big meat eater but when I do eat it I want to know that it’s reared to the highest welfare standards.

Gourmet Goat supports suppliers who take the young billy goats from the dairy industry and sends them to farms to be reared responsibly for their meat.

Gourmet goat

Manager Sam explains that kid goat meat has amazing flavour, is tender, unlike adult goat meat which tends to be tough and used in curries.  Goat meat has a low amount of saturated fat and cholesterol which makes it a healthy red meat option.

I chose a Kofta kebab and delicious warm salad of wheat grain, sundried tomatoes, capers, mint and herbs. A tzatski made with delicious Greek yoghurt, a wonderful array of herbs, cucumber and samphire. A little green chilli sambal, mixed all together. Delicious!

The queue is getting longer so time to have a look at the other delights. But I’ll be back!

I buy some double cream and butter from Hook and Son and the Hailsham herd. I’m going to make some lemon curd ice cream later. Olives and feta from Borough Olives, some delicious olive oil (I tried lots of bread soaked samples before choosing), a variety of chorizo sausages from a very nice man at Cannon and Cannon for the family to nibble on. Cheeses and olives, oils, breads. I won’t need to eat much for supper tonight! Time to get some beautiful multi coloured tomatoes, and a reviving juice (lovely orange carrot and lemon) and I’m ready to take my shopping home.


Deliciously simple supper

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