Prawn Laksa

This is a 1 person Laksa – Suppernut style! It’s 10 minutes to prepare.

Prawn Laksa

Put the kettle on. When it’s boiled add the rice noodle nest to a bowl and cover with the boiling water. It will need about 3-4 minutes to soak.

Prawn Laksa

Chop finely a spring onion (mine are small so am using 2), crush a garlic clove, finely slice a green chilli (seeds removed if you don’t want it too hot!). Add a 2 inch piece of ginger (skin removed and grated).  Drizzle some oil in a pan and add to the hot pan.

Prawn laksa

Move things round the pan a bit for a few minutes then add a good squeeze of lime juice.

Prawn laksa

Add a small tin of coconut milk (or a third of a big tin – freeze the rest in an airtight container – we can use it later for Thai chicken curry), a small cup of chicken or veg stock and the prawns (I’m using about 6). If your prawns are raw then cook til they turn pink, otherwise cook them for a minute or 2.

Prawn laksa

Drain the noodles. Then add to the pan. Serve up with a few snipped coriander leaves as a garnish.

Prawn laksa


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