A visit to Fish and Smith

Checking in to see what Fish and Smith has to offer today!

Fish and smith

Fish and Smith sell really good fish. Sourced locally and fresh from the sea, what you get is always in season and tastes incredible. A completely different experience and taste sensation from supermarket fish.

Fish and smith

Today I want to make a prawn, scallop and mussel stew with feta. The mussels are huge, as are the scallops, and I’m going to throw in a ‘few head’ on prawns to make the dish look sensational. Have a look later to see what I do!

Fresh fish

And check out the Friday Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas recipe to get your tastebuds going!

Why not find your local fishmonger this weekend.  Although you can buy all the ingredients you need from your local supermarket and it will taste great, get to know your fishmonger when you’ve got time. You’ll love that fresh smell of the sea when you bring your fish home to cook!

As you’ve probably gathered I’m a big fish eater!  I like to buy responsibly sourced seafood. Go and check out Hugh’s fish fight and help protect our fish stocks and seas.

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