Prawn scallop and mussel stew with feta

Feta adds a little something extra to this dish!

Mussel prawn and scallop stew

This serves 2. Buy raw prawns.

Mussel stew shopping list

In a large frying pan, gently fry 2 chopped garlic cloves, then add the tomatoes, a glass of white wine (or similar amount of fish or veg stock). Add a tsp of sugar, a tsp of paprika, the torn up oregano leaves from approximately 3 stalks, a couple of pieces of lemon skin and gently simmer until it thickens slightly, probably about 15 minutes. Add a little salt and pepper. Scrub and de-beard the mussels.

Then add the scallops and raw prawns and stir for a couple of minutes. I’ve taken the heads and shells off half of the prawns just so we’re not de- heading and shelling them all while we’re eating, but it’s up to you! Add the mussels. Snip the spring onions on to the top. Put a lid on the pan, and simmer for about 4 minutes til the prawns are pink and the mussels are open. Break a 100 grm piece of feta into chunks and sink into the sauce.

Mussel prawn and scallop stew

Enjoy with some crusty bread and a nice glass of white wine. Delicious!

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