My favourite cheese toastie

My quick ‘go to’ supper. Delicious way to use up a few things that might need eating up. Today I’ve got a few tomatoes to add, but you could add ham or cooked chicken, whatever takes your fancy. Serves 1.Cheese toastie

So basically this is an omelette toastie! I’ve got 1 egg, a 2oz piece of cheese to grate, a spring onion, some pieces of tomato left over from a salad, and a piece of ciabatta.

Put the grill on. Toast a couple of pieces of ciabatta (but regular sliced bread is good too). In a bowl, whisk an egg, add a snipped spring onion, some chopped up tomato, grated cheese, salt and pepper. Add your chopped up tomato (or chopped up ham or chicken). Put on the toast and then under the grill, but not too close. You don’t want to burn the top, you want to cook the egg through so it’s bubbly and puffed up and just golden topped. Delicious! Cheese toastie

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