Courgette and red onion gratin.

Courgette and onions in a creamy mustard sauce and tasty cheddar and breadcrumb topping.

Courgette and onion gratin

I have a glut of courgettes, it always happens of course. I wait for the first tiny sweet courgettes to arrive and pick them when small but so often find that there are one or two big ones lurking under the leaves. And when they start growing it’s difficult to keep up. However they are easy to eat up in this tasty dish. Continue reading

Chilli courgettes with fresh herbs.

Chilli flavoured courgettes simply pan fried with garlic and lots of herbs.

Chilli courgettes

I’ve picked a few courgettes, their skins are so tender when freshly picked. But courgettes prepared in this way will be delicious wherever you find them! I’m using several sprigs of fresh thyme and oregano to give a lovely flavour.

Continue reading