Chilli courgettes with fresh herbs.

Chilli flavoured courgettes simply pan fried with garlic and lots of herbs.

Chilli courgettes

I’ve picked a few courgettes, their skins are so tender when freshly picked. But courgettes prepared in this way will be delicious wherever you find them! I’m using several sprigs of fresh thyme and oregano to give a lovely flavour.

You’ll need for 2

Chilli courgette shopping list

Drizzle some olive oil in a frying pan. Chop your courgettes into chunky pieces.


Add to the hot pan with the garlic and chilli and salt and pepper, and gently fry. I’ve added a small knob of butter too. Strip the leaves off the herb stalks and add to the pan. Gently move things around a little. Just before serving add a squeeze of lime juice. Delicious! Goes rather well with the rosemary chicken dish. Your kitchen will smell divine!

Chilli courgettes

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