Salmon and couscous picnic bowl!

Sunny weather picnic food, easy to put together and easy to transport in individual bowls, so a nice easy picnic food without all the Tupperware!

Salmon and couscous picnic bowl

You’ll need for 2 people

Shopping list for salmon couscous picnic bowls

Boil the kettle. Drizzle some olive oil in a frying pan and fry the salmon gently for 4-5 minutes turning once.

Salmon and couscous picnic bowls

Make up 30g couscous with 60ml boiling water. Add the Harissa paste and mix. Leave to cool and fork through. Put your fine slicer into your blender (or finely slice with a knife) the radishes and the cucumber.  Scrub the fennel bulb, remove the fluffy tip (keeping to one side to add to the salad later), remove the tough core, and put through the slicer. Separate the disks of veg so they are not all sticking together!

Gently mix all the ingredients together, with some sea salt and pepper and serve in 2 bowls. Make a dressing with 1 Tbs lemon juice 3 Tbs olive oil, a tsp of honey and pour over. Add a few mint leaves, and dill or fennel if you have any, the finely chopped up feathery fennel tops, cover the bowls with cling film put into your basket with a bottle of something cool, 2 forks, and off you go! No fuss and practically no washing up when you get home! Perfect.

Salmon and couscous picnic bowls

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