Rhubarb and basil crumble and cream!

Still loving the fresh English rhubarb that’s in season  I bought 4 sticks today to make a super quick crumble.  I’m flavouring it with basil, the two go so well together, and making a basil cream to top it off. The crumble mix couldn’t be easier, and gives a bit of crunch to the topping. Flavouring the cream with a little basil adds even more summer flavour to the pudding. Rhubarb crumble Continue reading

Elderflower strawberry meringue cream!

Based on the great meringue picnic disaster at Eton this lovely summery dessert couldn’t be easier to make and is enhanced with the scent and taste of elderflowers.

Elderflower and strawberry mess

I love the scent of elderflowers in the house when making cordial, (there’s definitely a candle fragrance to be made by someone who knows how!)

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