Rhubarb and basil crumble and cream!

Still loving the fresh English rhubarb that’s in season  I bought 4 sticks today to make a super quick crumble.  I’m flavouring it with basil, the two go so well together, and making a basil cream to top it off. The crumble mix couldn’t be easier, and gives a bit of crunch to the topping. Flavouring the cream with a little basil adds even more summer flavour to the pudding. Rhubarb crumble You’ll need – for 2 Shopping list rhubarb crumble Put the oven on 190c. Wash the rhubarb and chop into small chunks. Place in the pan and cook gently with 3 stalks of fresh basil and 1 Tbs sugar or honey (I’m using local honey as a hayfever remedy), but check the sweetness as the rhubarb cooks, adding a little more sugar if you like.  Add a little water as necessary as the fruit softens. When soft remove the basil stalks. Rhubarb cooking Melt 20g of butter in a pan and add 50g of your favourite granola.  Put the fruit into 2 deep ramekins or a small pie dish and top with the crumble mix.  Place in the oven for 10 minutes for the crumble to crisp up a bit. Rhubarb crumble and cream Make the cream.  4 Tbs of double cream whipped with a little caster sugar until it just holds it’s shape. Snip off about 6 – 8 basil leaves.  Place one on top of the other and then roll them up together, snipping finely into the cream.  Gently mix together. When the crumble is out of the oven spoon a dollop of cream on to each pudding. Rhubarb crumble

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