Easiest ever marmalade ice cream!

I fancy something sweet for supper tonight and I’ve got a pot of double cream looking for something to do.  So I thought I’d try marmalade ice cream (I’ve always thought it would be a delicious ice cream flavour!).

Marmalade icecream

Use a thin cut marmalade (I’m using Bon Maman Bitter Orange fine shred) and it’s perfect. Only 3 ingredients needed for this – perfect! Serves 2.

Shopping list

Mix a 300 ml pot of thick double cream with a third of a 375g jar of fine shred marmalade. Stir well and then freeze.

Marmalade ice cream

This is really quick to make, my kind of dessert. This will make 6 good scoops so will serve 2, double up ingredients to make dessert for 4. When it’s frozen scoop into delicious balls and grate some dark chocolate on top.

Marmalade icecream

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