So quick poached salmon, so worth it!

Really there is no excuse not to poach your own salmon as it is so quick to do and really so delicious. You can flavour it with your favourite herbs. So guys, no excuse! This is seriously quick healthy home cooking. Poached salmon Combine this with the watercress and fennel salad and your taste buds will be singing, and you will be feeling very virtuous as you’ll know you’ve cooked up something delicious and healthy. It takes no time at all. Poached salmon You’ll need a couple of salmon fillets, some fresh dill or fennel herb, some flat leaf parsley, a piece of onion, a few peppercorns, salt. For the dressing – some natural yoghurt, lemon zest and a drop of fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper. Put your skinned salmon fillets (using 2 here, either for 2 people tonight or keep one for lunch in a sarnie tomorrow) into a pan. Add a few peppercorns, some fresh fennel or dill, sea salt, a piece of onion. Cover completely with water. Bring to the boil and then simmer for about 4 minutes. Poached salmon Make your yoghurt dressing by mixing some natural yoghurt with some lemon zest, sea salt and pepper, the tiniest squeeze of lemon juice. Eat with the watercress and fennel salad which works very well with this. I made this whole dish in 10 minutes for lunch. So really there is no excuse not to eat healthy today! Empty plate

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