Watercress and fennel salad with pomegranate

Made so easy as you can buy pomegranate seeds in the chilled fruit section and you won’t get any of the bitter bits from the pith. But personally I love to cut the gorgeous fruits in half and bash out the pips. I maybe sad!Watercress fennel and pomegranate salad

There’s gorgeous English watercress around now so try and buy that!

You’ll need (for one person eating on it’s own or this will do for 2 with something else like poached fish) –

50g watercress, 50g pomegranate seeds, 1 small fennel bulb.

Your dressing is a good squeeze of lemon juice mixed with couple of tablespoons of olive oil, some Maldon sea salt. Snip your watercress into polite fork size pieces. Nothing more embarrassing than someone looking at you whilst you have green stalks poking out of your mouth dripping delicious dressing down your chin! Add your pomegranate seeds, and very finely sliced fennel. I’m using a slicer attachment on my blender but you can just very finely slice with a sharp knife. Scrub the outer skin, keep the little green top to one side to add to the salad. The central core is tough so cut that out.Watercress fennel and pomegranate Mix things up in a salad bowl. Make your simple dressing with the olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and the snipped up green fennel feathers if there were any. Serve with a little toasted flatbread and hummus, or a piece of poached salmon. Quite delicious. All in prep time 5 minutes, so no excuses! Watercress, fennel and pomegranate salad

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