Quinoa with bright green summer veg and feta

I was inspired by Jamie Oliver’s superfood salad YouTube clip that I watched on the train back from London yesterday, so when I got back home I had a ferret around to see what ingredients I could use up based on this high protein salad.

Quinoa and bright green veg

What I had – serves 2.

Shopping list quinoa and bright green veg salad

Boil the kettle. In a pan add about 100 g of quinoa and simmer for about 20 minutes. In another pan add more boiling water and throw in about 150g of the frozen broad beans. They only need a minute to cook, drain them and submerge them in cold water to keep them green. Then it’s the turn of the sliced runner beans. Boil them for about 4 minutes while you pop the little broad beans out of their tough chewy skins. Use your finger and thumb to squeeze them out. Probably best if you’re not wearing your best shirt or frock while you do this as they do squirt!

Broad beans

I had some thick asparagus spears which I added to the bean pan for about 2 minutes before draining the beans.

Green veg for quinoa salad

Drain the quinoa. Add some sea salt flakes and a good drizzle of olive oil. Add the drained veg and shelled broad beans, chopped garlic, a really nice handful of fresh mint finely chopped, some feta cheese crumbled and half lemon squeezed. Mix things up a bit. Add your chopped avocado and a sprinkle of nuts.

Quinoa and bright green veg

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