Strawberry jam ice cream!

Oh so simple and so tasty. The perfect quick dessert for a sweet English treat. Glorious strawberry ice cream with fresh English strawberries. Strawberry icecream I bought a pot of delicious strawberry jam in the Cowdray Farm Shop on my day trip yesterday. What’s especially nice about it is it’s high strawberry content – 81%. It inspired a quick dessert! Ready in no time. You’ll need, a punnet of fresh strawberries, 300ml of double cream, 4 ounces of strawberry jam, to serve 3 people. So double up for a party of 6. Strawberry ice cream ingredients The jam I bought is made by Rosebud Preserves. I used half of the 8oz pot. A delicious scent of strawberries is released from the pot the moment the lid is off. Wonderful. I’ve mixed this with 300ml of double cream. Give it a good mix and freeze. Strawberry ice cream When it’s just frozen use your ice cream scoop and scoop into 6 balls. Then re-freeze until you’re ready to eat. Serve with some sliced fresh strawberries and be transported to the English country garden! Strawberry jam ice cream

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