Avocado and black bean salad

A zingy fresh salad, great on it’s own.

Black bean and avocado salad

I’ve soaked and simmered dried black beans but that does take time. So use a can of black beans. If you can’t find them then use pinto beans or salad beans. So, drain the can, rinse and add sea salt and pepper and olive oil.

Black beans

Chop up a red and orange pepper – whatever takes your fancy. Add a big handful of cherry tomatoes, slice a small red chilli, finely slice a red onion. Add some chunky cucumber and a diced avocado.

Black bean and avocado salad

Drizzle over a good glug of olive oil, add salt and pepper, a little cayenne pepper, and the juice of half a lime. Mix things up a bit! How healthy does this look? Eat on it’s own or it’s great with fish or chicken. Delicious!

Buttermilk chicken and blackbean and avocado salad

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