Easiest Thai chicken curry

I’m using a recipe given to me by Kuhn Saowaluck in Koh Samui about 15 years ago.

Thai chicken curry

She made her own delicious green curry paste. But for ease of speed I’m using a bought one today!

Put the kettle on and make your rice. This serves 1 so double up for 2.

I’m using 1 chicken breast.

Thai chicken curry

Sautee 1 tbs curry paste gently in a little olive oil in a pan for a minute to release the flavours. Then add half a tin of coconut milk (don’t forget to freeze the rest in a freezer bag for next time). Add the chicken breast finely sliced. Season with 2 tsps of fish sauce, a tsp of brown sugar, some sliced red chilli a little snipped coriander.  Let it bubble very gently for 10 minutes until the chicken is done. Add a little chilli and basil to garnish and serve with white rice and a little chilli sambal. Delicious!


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