7 juices for 7 breakfasts.

As part of my eat clean month I’m juicing fruit from the garden. And there is plenty! You’ve got to love picking fruit from the tree and juicing it. But even if you can’t pick your own, a few choice fruits mixed with vegetables and you’re getting a good start on your 5 a day. I’ve also found that juicing encourages me to eat well all day. Each recipe serves 1.

Fresh fruit and veg

Apple, carrot and ginger

Apple, ginger and carrot juice

Juice 2 medium carrots, 1 medium apple, 1″ peeled fresh ginger.

Pear, spinach and ginger 

Pear spinach and ginger juice

Juice 2 pears, 40g spinach and 1″ piece of peeled ginger for a really delicious green juice. My favourite – I think!

Kale, green apple and celery

Kale, celery, apple juice

Juice 30g kale, 1 green apple, 1 stalk of celery, 1 sprig of mint.

Beetroot, apple, cucumber


Juice half a cucumber, 2 beetroot, 2 apples.

Cucumber, mint, pear, spinach and lime

Cucumber, pear, mint, spinach and lime juice

Half a cucumber, 1 pear, 25 g spinach, a sprig of mint.

Raspberry, melon, basil and lime

Raspberry, melon and basil juice

Juice 75g raspberries, 300g melon, 1 sprig (approx 5g) fresh basil, a squeeze of lime juice.

Kale, apple and carrot

Kale, apple and carrot juice

Juice 20g kale, 2 small apples, 1 large carrot, I sprig of mint (I find mint helps the flavour where kale is involved!)

Fresh fruit and veg

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